Suffolk Punch Comedy Club

SPCC collage for blogSuffolk Punch Comedy Club gigs take place on the first Wednesday of every month, at The Brewery Tap, East Street, Sudbury, Suffolk.

Entry is free.

Any voluntary donations aid research into prostate cancer.

The gigs begin at 8pm, but the Tap has some excellent mango cider for punters who like to get their drinks in first!

The Club provides an excellent venue for comedians of all shapes and sizes to try out their new (or old) material! And there is a themed open mic slot for any would-be comedians, who fancy trying out a one-liner, amusing poem or humorous anecdote. Please contact emcee, PJ (Paul Johnstone), via Facebook or Twitter (@SuffolkPunchComedy) for details of the theme and/or to book in your act.

Be you a performer, or someone who likes to indulge in rip-roaring laughter, PJ awaits …


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