Sun-Fuelled on the A134

{Egged on by the rising sun, as I confronted the usual early-morning drive to work, on the A134, I felt the compulsion to capture my thoughts in words. Unfortunately, time and the expectations of others, did not allow me to stop by the roadside to take a photograph, or put pen to paper. But, theContinue reading “Sun-Fuelled on the A134”

Salt Waves

‘East Hill, Sudbury’ by Jay Cool [Inspired by a walk up East Hill, in inland Sudbury, after partaking of an excellent brew in Prado Lounge.] Dirty docks, seagulls and chips, fishing nets, trawlers and tankers, drunken sailors and fishermen leering and lurching at ladies, whilst lurking in bars with their pints. Beaches of pebbles, jarringContinue reading “Salt Waves”

Fried in July

The Lynford Stag in July 2018 Spilling forth from Breckland stag, Soldiers swinging, swords of fire, Shouting praises for promised lands. Crunching forth o’er sundried straw, Crackles burning, soles all sore, Citing crazes for conquered lands. Falling forth from sun-singed lips, Flowers frying, at devil’s door Firing curses for shrivelled lands. Deserted. Sands. Copyright ownedContinue reading “Fried in July”

Prologue – In the almost-very beginning …

In the almost-very beginning, some seeds were sown in a cave in the Myddle of a county called Shropshire. The consequences of such a tiny and inconsequential act were not at first very obvious. But I am sorry to have to say that, in time, the cave walls suffered from the effects of natural erosion. And the thingContinue reading “Prologue – In the almost-very beginning …”

Royal Redheads Raise the Standard at Leestock

Adam. Adam’s arrived at Leestock. And I do believe he’s booked in as the first comedian of the day, but I’ve just downed my ‘Five a Day’ breakfast drinks (I’ll post up the cider menu later!) and I’m feeling re-energised, so I’m taking a short walk to the lovely Leestock lavatories – in an attemptContinue reading “Royal Redheads Raise the Standard at Leestock”