Savvy Letter – Dear Bannatyne

                                                                                                             Continue reading “Savvy Letter – Dear Bannatyne”

Savvy Book – The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

Are you so in tune with the emotions of the people around you that, far from being savvy, you suffer from extreme anxiety? It’s bad enough to come over in all-consuming waves of worry over how someone else might feel about what someone else said, or even worse about what you said – you know,Continue reading “Savvy Book – The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake”

Perchance: Making it as a Writer

Inspired by the advice of a well-wisher … You haven’t got a chance!’ she declares. ‘Not a chance to make a living as a writer! Even the best writers have another job!’   Still, I don’t listen and don’t want to hear. Still, I take my chances. Why can’t the other job? I think.  Continue reading “Perchance: Making it as a Writer”

Steal a sentence!

Okay, so you heeded my advice in the post ‘Grab a Word!’ Success? Need to move on to bigger things? Then, I offer you the sentence. And, for those of you who protest that: Be quiet! And don’t speak until spoken to! Because, whereas it can be the case that less is more (and, admittedly,Continue reading “Steal a sentence!”