Savvy Poem – Left-Right Invaders

When seeking out a quiet spot, in a quiet cafe, to keep company with paper and pencil, and a pot of tea for one – first, check out the neighbouring tables. Are they empty and are they large? If the answer to either/or both of these questions is ‘yes’, then go sit in a field,Continue reading “Savvy Poem – Left-Right Invaders”

Savvy Letter – Dear Phantom

Dear Phantom Puncture Pr***, Perhaps, who knows, you are a very nice phantom? Personally, though, Phantom Puncture Pr***, I’m not so keen on your preferred pastime. It really isn’t so very pleasant to sneak around in the shadows, outside my cave home, with your hammer and nails, poking holes in the tyres of my car.Continue reading “Savvy Letter – Dear Phantom”

Savvy Letter – Dear Bannatyne

                                                                                                             Continue reading “Savvy Letter – Dear Bannatyne”

28: Death

  Can’t believe it! Kept in by the wind and rain, I just picked up a random book from a random shelf in my kitchen. Yes, there are books galore in every room in my house, and it is a rare moment in which I regret the purchase of any of them. Except today! TheContinue reading “28: Death”