Savvy Poem – Cracked Wallpaper

With the lid on me twisted and tightened – to prevent leakages – the words on the wallpaper of my interior, crack. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 3rd January, 2020   Image by congerdesign from Pixabay   Other posts by Jay Cool: Silly Adventure – Bunny Soup in Chilton Savvy Book – Paris Echo SavvyContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Cracked Wallpaper”

Silly-Savvy Poem – Night Thermos

Never been much of a night owl until this night. On this night, tonight, I can’t sleep. On this night, it’s so warm, I can smell the burning of the January heat. On this night, I give up on the sleep and get up to follow heat to the kitchen. I smell the burning of crusts,Continue reading “Silly-Savvy Poem – Night Thermos”

Savvy Writing Tips – How to Write a Whole Book

Okay, so I did it. Not only have I, for the first time, written more than six chapters of a book, I have actually finished the thing. Incredible! How? After a day of sulking with myself about being a waster, i.e. never finishing any of my grand book-writing schemes, I asked myself why? Why isContinue reading “Savvy Writing Tips – How to Write a Whole Book”

Savvy Letter – Dear Bannatyne

                                                                                                             Continue reading “Savvy Letter – Dear Bannatyne”

Quotidian: A Savvy Poem

I am, they say, bland. Bland, ordinary, everyday – drab! Being drab, I land in a bland sort of way – as a tiny ripple, barely noticeable, until – swept up by invisibility, my everything becomes your everything: greedy, ravenous, destructive and DELICIOUS.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 2019   Image by Dina DeeContinue reading “Quotidian: A Savvy Poem”

14: Microwave

Disclaimer: This post contains image links to associates products. If you choose to click through to Amazon and make a purchase, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to yourself. Not only do I have a clean oven, today I’ve added a clean microwave to my list of achievements. Amazing what one canContinue reading “14: Microwave”

Easter Sunday: An Offering

Inspired by my expanding collection of Folio books … Disclaimer: This post contains an image link to a Folio Society book available on Amazon. Should you choose to purchase the book, via that link,  I will receive a commission at no extra cost to yourself. Mother’s at church. Sprogs are in bed. Hubby’s onto emailsContinue reading “Easter Sunday: An Offering”

Perchance: Making it as a Writer

Inspired by the advice of a well-wisher … You haven’t got a chance!’ she declares. ‘Not a chance to make a living as a writer! Even the best writers have another job!’   Still, I don’t listen and don’t want to hear. Still, I take my chances. Why can’t the other job? I think.  Continue reading “Perchance: Making it as a Writer”

Simulating Crumble: A Very Short Story

Inspired by five random words from Issue 64 of ‘mslexia’: ‘exposing’, ‘limping’, ‘simulations’,  ‘performance’ and ‘speciality’.   Simulations being her thing, her speciality, she gears herself up for the final performance. She types in a name, his name, sits back and watches. Watches him limping towards his destination, watches him exposing himself, watches as allContinue reading “Simulating Crumble: A Very Short Story”

Freshsense: Creative Writing Tips

Need to be gather up your thoughts, before you can start writing? Hindered by having no thoughts to gather up? This is not a hindrance at all. Look around you! There are plenty of people out there, who do have thoughts, and the thoughts are there for the gathering! All you need to do isContinue reading “Freshsense: Creative Writing Tips”