Simulating Crumble: A Very Short Story

Inspired by five random words from Issue 64 of ‘mslexia’: ‘exposing’, ‘limping’, ‘simulations’,  ‘performance’ and ‘speciality’.   Simulations being her thing, her speciality, she gears herself up for the final performance. She types in a name, his name, sits back and watches. Watches him limping towards his destination, watches him exposing himself, watches as allContinue reading “Simulating Crumble: A Very Short Story”


Reaching out to still-retreating goal, I pull it back and yank it in. If I am a dozy-dreamer, I salute my vision and embrace it. I create this life.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, February 2019 Inspiration taken from the phrase ‘still-retreating goal’, line 12, of  the poem ‘The Mortal Lease: II’, by EdithContinue reading “Embrace”