Of Most Concern

Of Most Concern It concerns me, mostly, that of most concern is my concern that most of us have no concern for the concerns of others whatsover, insomuch as that, mostly, most of us have no concern whatsoever about being the cause of those concerns. And that really does, and inordinately so, concern me. CopyrightContinue reading “Of Most Concern”

Prosecco Rain – A Savvy Poem

(Contains a Waterstone’s link to an associated book, for which, if you choose to buy, the author of this post will receive a small commission.) Prosecco Rain The soft fizz of Prosecco rain at last blocks out the rumbles of a stationary engine left r u n n i n g, grumbling, stuttering and stumbling,Continue reading “Prosecco Rain – A Savvy Poem”

Driving Through Foliage

Driven on, and driving, through things still growing, I reflect on the shortness of what it is to be me, An illusory span of meness, contracting, shrinking – inches becoming centimetres becoming millimetres becoming nothingtres as the concept of me is consumed by the foliage that carries on growing, bending – homing in on theContinue reading “Driving Through Foliage”

Savvy-Storm Poem – Unable

Inspiration taken from the poem ‘Migration’ by Jenny George (Poem-A-Day website) Unable Red leaves assemble in the tree that licks the sky above my house long tongues wagging, pointing and gloating at me Now you know, they say. Now you know what it is, to be fixed, immoveable,  and unable          Continue reading “Savvy-Storm Poem – Unable”

Savvy Poem – The Exhumation

  An old coal, gone white, c r u m b l e, shovelled into the expectation of an existence, that sees, only, the dust of its expiration. The exorcist, unexpectedly, finds a fleck of a white dust buried deep within her pit. She exhumes it. And it glows.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool,Continue reading “Savvy Poem – The Exhumation”

Savvy Poem – The Conwy Worm

      Drawbridge up – forever closed, we hear the tune, and follow.   No choice, but to burrow under.   No alternative, but to root ourselves in for the long haul.   I feel the sharpness of the spade as it chops this worm in two regurgitating us forward into the light, asContinue reading “Savvy Poem – The Conwy Worm”

Savvy Poem – Worthlessness

Am I worth less than a life that is half my age? If that is the case, then why do they double me up, paying me twice as much as my younger self, only to then let go of my worthlessness – to save themselves from the cost of my pricelessness? Copyright owned by JayContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Worthlessness”

Savvy Poem – Snowdon’s Foot

  Vertical. Vertical does not go with vertical. Turning back, I stick to ground level. My right foot being crook, I remain at one with the foot of Snowdon.   Pressure. Pressure is a cure for the pain. I apply it, settling myself down upon the arch of Snowdon’s foot, hoping to stunt the flowContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Snowdon’s Foot”

Savvy Poem – Towyn

Block upon block of blocks Blocking the view of the blocks that front up to the sea that was the sea before it became the block that stopped the girls of this town from drifting away from the block-headed boys they did not choose to be blocked in by – the boys with the bagsContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Towyn”