Sure in her worry, `bout which wing is correct, her head, it takes flight, but her foot finds it`s ……………………………………. ON!     Copyright of text and image owned by Jay Cool, 3rd September, 2021   Further posts by Jay Cool. Please read, like and review. Inevitability Impacted Lockdown Dance  

Bummer: A Silly Poem

Leaden and bumbling, he stumbled and bled. Oh bummer, he mumbled, my bum is so numb – it would have been better to land on my tum! At this, his tum grumbled – it wanted some bread – though fat and well-rounded and recently fed. He tried to roll over – to get off hisContinue reading “Bummer: A Silly Poem”

15: Why Hinch?

Why on this planet did I  bother with all that hinching over the weekend. I spent hours shifting the congealed layers of grease from my oven and microwave, not to mention all the washing-up, hoovering and mopping. I was rewarded with a flooded kitchen and an angry hubby, after bits if disintegrated Brillo pad somehowContinue reading “15: Why Hinch?”