15: Why Hinch?

Why on this planet did I  bother with all that hinching over the weekend. I spent hours shifting the congealed layers of grease from my oven and microwave, not to mention all the washing-up, hoovering and mopping. I was rewarded with a flooded kitchen and an angry hubby, after bits if disintegrated Brillo pad somehowContinue reading “15: Why Hinch?”

12: Clean Oven

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon products. If you choose to make purchases, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to yourself. So, how many words of my ‘book in a week’ have I churned out since yesterday? None. Zero. Zilch. Mrs Hinch is, of course, to blame for this prevarication! How?Continue reading “12: Clean Oven”

Savvy Book – Hinch Yourself Happy

Courtesy of my good friend, Waterstones, I just finished reading Mrs Hinch’s book of cleaning tips, ‘Hinch Yourself Happy’! Not being the tidiest of people (currently surrounded by mountains of dusty books), the last thing I expected was to become a convert. Why then, yesterday, did I find myself googling ‘Deflora’ to find out how toContinue reading “Savvy Book – Hinch Yourself Happy”