Revealing Mr Larkin

Shadows of middle-age larking around within the mind of Philip, as he sees the elderly, mouths drooling, and is fearful of this watery reflection of skewed ripples, of the spades digging into his own disintegration. By Jay Cool, 18th August 2022 Inspired by snippets of Philip Larkin´s poetry, as featured on BBC Four´s Return toContinue reading “Revealing Mr Larkin”

Silly-Savvy Questions: Fifty Doubled

This year I will reach the grand old age of fifty. Double fifty, makes one hundred, doesn’t it? This week I have averaged at fifty daily views on my blog. Do I have to be one hundred years old to achieve one hundred? Do I really have to wait that long? Okay, so the lastContinue reading “Silly-Savvy Questions: Fifty Doubled”

All Three of Me

Time is limited.  There isn’t much left of it, he said. Why then, at forty-nine has my life as myself only just started? And will the first year of my new beginning last until the end of time? Or, in the stretching, will it thin out – in the middle – with neither of theContinue reading “All Three of Me”

Just Time

  Just time. Just time in which to write. To write about having six minutes left. Six minutes left to write about something before midnight. Midnight or midlife, for me, the day is still young enough to take more of what I have to give to it – more of my thoughts about what itContinue reading “Just Time”

Monday Thoughts

  On Monday, I tried to avoid Tuesday. So many things to do, work-related things, on Monday, today, my day off work!   On Monday, I did Tuesday’s work, thinking to get it out of the way, dispose of it, to make Tuesday, my work-day,  better!   On Monday, Tuesday’s work done, I popped anContinue reading “Monday Thoughts”

A Rushed Ending

‘Beach’ courtesy of time circling itself each round of the circle getting smaller each weekend seeming shorter passing quicker than the one before until Copyright owned by Jay Cool, January 2019 Inspiration take from ‘Mexicans Lost in Mexico’ by Nico Amador. Who is Jay Cool?