A Continental Appearance

Wearing last Friday’s incontinence pad, he ambles on into a game-playing cafe in Colchester, thinking to play with the crowds. The crowds, thinking otherwise, disperse and exit. Out in the streets of a Roman stronghold, a centurion gives his orders, and the games continue; continental soldiers, with drip-drying-dangly bits, and wiped-with-shared-sponges bottoms, being impervious.  Continue reading “A Continental Appearance”

Monday Thoughts

  On Monday, I tried to avoid Tuesday. So many things to do, work-related things, on Monday, today, my day off work!   On Monday, I did Tuesday’s work, thinking to get it out of the way, dispose of it, to make Tuesday, my work-day,  better!   On Monday, Tuesday’s work done, I popped anContinue reading “Monday Thoughts”


Flat roofed garages, expanding up, over and beyond; consuming abandoned cars and tarmacked roads; foundations dug deep, where roots should burrow. Vast seas of greyness, housing nothing of use; no householder steps over concrete slabs of pavements; rivers dividing breath from the abandoned depths of simple storage solutions. Godly hand reaches down from blue skyContinue reading “Plucked”

Purple Berry

‘Purple Berry’ photograph by Jay Cool Purple berry’s twisted fate. Dried, dying, dangling, midst cherry pinks. Thirsty channel’s wearied weight Stretched, straining, slipping, t’wards motley greens. Salmon ball-gown’s awkward gait, Flustered, flipping, falling ‘mongst tawny golds. Middling ladies’ tired fate. Dried, dying, dangling midst hoary whites of ageing, ancient, trite old men – the last-chanceContinue reading “Purple Berry”