Prosecco Rain – A Savvy Poem

(Contains a Waterstone’s link to an associated book, for which, if you choose to buy, the author of this post will receive a small commission.) Prosecco Rain The soft fizz of Prosecco rain at last blocks out the rumbles of a stationary engine left r u n n i n g, grumbling, stuttering and stumbling,Continue reading “Prosecco Rain – A Savvy Poem”

Savvy Style – Ginger Legs

Just about to order a pair of ‘Rustic Ginger’ tights to match my hair colour. I’m also guessing that they will look fab with the £6 dress I bought from Sainsbury’s autumn sale. The very friendly lady at the til joked that it might be next summer before I could wear my bargain, but I disagree.Continue reading “Savvy Style – Ginger Legs”

Silly Poem – To Be Eaten

A response to Joseph Auslander’s poem: In Envy of Cows Why poeticize about the non-life of a cow, and why the envy? As the cow tastes the edge of August, it licks at the knife edge – that turns the flavour of lush pastures into offal. Tongue fed to the September dogs that yesterday nipped atContinue reading “Silly Poem – To Be Eaten”

Sonetto: A Savvy Poem

[Composed whilst intoxicated by sonnets in ‘Stressed Unstressed:Classic Poems to Ease the Mind’, ed. by Jonathan Bates et. al. (Harper Collins, 2016).] Small song; a sonetto of fourteen lines to cure the soul. Fourteen chances to clear the brain of summer gone and humour. Summer song. Stresses undone, drifting out – red, brown and yellowContinue reading “Sonetto: A Savvy Poem”

Mum of the Moment

‘Leafy scarf of Rust-Brown Silk’ by Jay Cool Grey-coated with leafy scarf of rust-brown silk and brooch of oyster pearls framing dark-brown curls, cycling over concrete of autumns gone. I see her. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2018

Down The Lane

As luscious-lime hedgerows turn jaunty ginger and smooth-slick skin turns furrowed and fusty, you remain true. Still there. My trusty friend; the comforting memory of a waft-warm drink. Still there. Trusty. A trusty friend very thoughtfully placed. Knowing that that my friend knows me, I smirk; a joke shared. Throat parched, I wait for jauntyContinue reading “Down The Lane”

Washed-Out Socks

‘Washed Socks’ by Jay Cool Pink socks, and green, hanging out to dry – mingling into amber. A shade that suits a sallow skin – the ageing flakes of yellowed feet. Shreds and slivers, peels of the past, hanging. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2018

Purple Berry

‘Purple Berry’ photograph by Jay Cool Purple berry’s twisted fate. Dried, dying, dangling, midst cherry pinks. Thirsty channel’s wearied weight Stretched, straining, slipping, t’wards motley greens. Salmon ball-gown’s awkward gait, Flustered, flipping, falling ‘mongst tawny golds. Middling ladies’ tired fate. Dried, dying, dangling midst hoary whites of ageing, ancient, trite old men – the last-chanceContinue reading “Purple Berry”


{Arrived home, one afternoon in October, to a welcoming party of ladybirds.}   Lady Ladies welcome me back, welcome me home, framing my door, sealing my windows, guarding my post. A warning? A storm? Tsunami? A famine? The end? Or the start of tomorrow? Opening my door, I move on through – flying in theContinue reading “Lady”

Salt Waves

‘East Hill, Sudbury’ by Jay Cool [Inspired by a walk up East Hill, in inland Sudbury, after partaking of an excellent brew in Prado Lounge.] Dirty docks, seagulls and chips, fishing nets, trawlers and tankers, drunken sailors and fishermen leering and lurching at ladies, whilst lurking in bars with their pints. Beaches of pebbles, jarringContinue reading “Salt Waves”