‘Poppy on East Hill, Sudbury’ by Jay Cool Poppy is a blood-red word, No pulse, now lost No heartbeat, hampered Called out for World War’s cost. Yet poppies, red and proud, Sit high atop Linen suits in crowds Giving life to men’s non-stop Legs that march to beat of drum As sockets swing Arms,Continue reading “Poppy”


{Arrived home, one afternoon in October, to a welcoming party of ladybirds.}   Lady Ladies welcome me back, welcome me home, framing my door, sealing my windows, guarding my post. A warning? A storm? Tsunami? A famine? The end? Or the start of tomorrow? Opening my door, I move on through – flying in theContinue reading “Lady”

Day 1: Misery on the M6

It’s time. It’s been a year of a year in Sudbury, Suffolk and something is lacking. It’s time for a pep-me-up, a bit of a filler, a return to centre-court – a top-up! A top-up with a back-up! “Is it our sort of a holiday, Mum? Or, your sort?” “Well, …” “Mum?” “It’s a …”Continue reading “Day 1: Misery on the M6”