Nellie – A Darlaston Wench: Book Review

*Disclosure:  I only review books that I have selected for my own enjoyment, and the views expressed are, therefore, even if a little batty, completely genuine. You need to be aware, though, that this review has an affiliate link, meaning that if you click through to Amazon, via the book’s image, and choose to makeContinue reading “Nellie – A Darlaston Wench: Book Review”


  ‘Poppy on East Hill, Sudbury’ by Jay Cool Poppy is a blood-red word, No pulse, now lost No heartbeat, hampered Called out for World War’s cost. Yet poppies, red and proud, Sit high atop Linen suits in crowds Giving life to men’s non-stop Legs that march to beat of drum As sockets swing Arms,Continue reading “Poppy”