Day 7.3: Albrighton – Jay Cool’s birthplace!

The Dacia takes us from Newport to my birthplace – Signal Lane, Albrighton. I, Jay Cool, was born just over the road from here – in Cosford’s RAF hospital. I look across the lane and can still see the old dark-wooden slats of the one-storey hospital, fronted by a field of waving corn and aContinue reading “Day 7.3: Albrighton – Jay Cool’s birthplace!”


*Disclosure:  You need to be aware, that this post has affiliate links, meaning that if you click through to Amazon, via the book images, and choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission  at no extra cost to yourself. Figuring it out, there’s no need for me to work on it. Out there,Continue reading “Figured”

Nellie – A Darlaston Wench: Book Review

*Disclosure:  I only review books that I have selected for my own enjoyment, and the views expressed are, therefore, even if a little batty, completely genuine. You need to be aware, though, that this review has an affiliate link, meaning that if you click through to Amazon, via the book’s image, and choose to makeContinue reading “Nellie – A Darlaston Wench: Book Review”

Day 7:1 This is Wem

Visiting my Webb ancestors in the quagmires of Dawley, yesterday, had to be done. But, although the old souls did their best to evoke a quality setting for a gothic novel (guard your spot on the shelf of Waterstones, closely, Stephanie Meyer!), the experience somehow lacked my No. 1 qualifying criteria as a genealogist’s hotspot.Continue reading “Day 7:1 This is Wem”

Yellow Rose of Flanders

From the soles of my walking shoes, I shake you out and  s c a t t e r you. In my sole, a part of you remains.   I find a tool, dig you out, keep you close –   potted and thriving, you grace my front door.     Every day, on myContinue reading “Yellow Rose of Flanders”

Love Thyself

{Inspired by my ancestor William Wycherley’s lust for women of all varieties: ‘For Variety in Love’.} ‘Telephone Pole’ image from (creative commons) To myself, I am devoted still, I’ll n’er grow bored, or have my fill, ’tis true that in my heart am I, Stuck thick as thieves to my great thigh! My thigh, it’sContinue reading “Love Thyself”

Sealed in at Wroxeter

Inspired by a visit to Wroxeter, home to some of my ancestors, in Shropshire  (August 2018), and composed in a Prado Lounge Café Bar in Suffolk. Box Pews at a church in Selattyn, Shropshire Doors click open. Let me in and latch me in, keeping me seated. Listening. The Vicar steps up, announces himself, boxesContinue reading “Sealed in at Wroxeter”

Day 6.1: The Quarry Man of Myddle

The Gods are urinating (1) this morning, and the sprogs are engrossed in YouTube. A day indoors at The Red Lion’s Lodge? This isn’t really so bad. The luxury leather sofas are more comfortable, by far, than my cheap and many-year’s old Homebase efforts back in Suffolk. I pick up some reading material, force theContinue reading “Day 6.1: The Quarry Man of Myddle”

Day 5.4: Bridgnorth Hotspots

You left me down on my knees, in a church in Bridgnorth, asking Jesus for blessings for all and sundry – and you thought that was it? Think again! Granted, it takes me some time to detangle my varicose veins (must fork out for a leg tattoo sometime) from the intricate tapestry I am kneelingContinue reading “Day 5.4: Bridgnorth Hotspots”