Day 6.1: The Quarry Man of Myddle

The Gods are urinating (1) this morning, and the sprogs are engrossed in YouTube. A day indoors at The Red Lion’s Lodge? This isn’t really so bad. The luxury leather sofas are more comfortable, by far, than my cheap and many-year’s old Homebase efforts back in Suffolk. I pick up some reading material, force theContinue reading “Day 6.1: The Quarry Man of Myddle”

Day 4.3: Mayoress of Sudbury Visits Oswestry

Stop. Start, stutter, stall? No, this time, and not unusually so, it’s quite a definite STOP. Again, my Dacia Sandero takes the lead. Seems we are not destined to arrive at Chirk after all – not yet awhile at least! Caught up in the thrill of the chase, in the excitement of unexpected turns andContinue reading “Day 4.3: Mayoress of Sudbury Visits Oswestry”

Back to the Myddle: Day Nine of an Ancestral Adventure

Back to the Myddle: Day Nine of an Ancestral Adventure Sunday. Sudbury. Sunday in Sudbury? Why not? ********************************************** “Yes, I there possibly is a cave”! advised the friendly shop manager in ‘At The Myddle’. “But I’m not entirely certain, because I’ve just moved in! I’ll ask around!” “Yes, there is a cave near here somewhere!”¬†proclaimedContinue reading “Back to the Myddle: Day Nine of an Ancestral Adventure”

Back to the Myddle: Day One of an Ancestral Journey

Back to Myddle: Day One Back. Back to Myddle, the home of my ancestors. Having spent much of my life with the squawking of seagulls and the swishing of the sea, I’m not sure what to expect. Will I feel at home in a tiny village in the middle of Shropshire? I pull in atContinue reading “Back to the Myddle: Day One of an Ancestral Journey”