The Divine Right of Monarchs?

Just how long is a person expected to glue themselves to the box today? And is it socially acceptable to shift oneself from the settee to tackle the overgrown lawn? Will my neighbours complain if I get happy with a strimmer? Do neighbours generally complain when a spot of gardening takes precedence over the funeralContinue reading “The Divine Right of Monarchs?”

Savvy Letter – Dear Mark Twain

                                                                                                             Continue reading “Savvy Letter – Dear Mark Twain”

Let Me Believe

  Mortgages and wages and pensions are but pennies to be dished out in alleyways; out and into the woolly-pavement hat of a homeless bidder. Keys clanging, I go forth into my own future, in search of my not-quite-paid-up-for car. Croaking and spluttering, it, and I, start, spit and pause awhile, chewing on our hopesContinue reading “Let Me Believe”

Obesity Britain

(Inspired by an early-morning stroll along Market Hill, in Sudbury, Suffolk). ‘Obesity Britain,’ reads the stand. Obsequious Brits, sucked in, changing pennies for The Daily Mail. A daily struggle – paper fat with stories. Obstipated paper, stuffed full with stories to shame, to stigmatise, to solidify, to pump up, to blow up, to fatten outContinue reading “Obesity Britain”

Day 4.3: Mayoress of Sudbury Visits Oswestry

Stop. Start, stutter, stall? No, this time, and not unusually so, it’s quite a definite STOP. Again, my Dacia Sandero takes the lead. Seems we are not destined to arrive at Chirk after all – not yet awhile at least! Caught up in the thrill of the chase, in the excitement of unexpected turns andContinue reading “Day 4.3: Mayoress of Sudbury Visits Oswestry”