Obesity Britain

(Inspired by an early-morning stroll along Market Hill, in Sudbury, Suffolk).

‘Obesity Britain,’ reads the stand.
Obsequious Brits, sucked in,
changing pennies for
The Daily Mail.
A daily struggle – paper fat with stories.
Obstipated paper, stuffed full with
stories to shame, to stigmatise, to solidify, to pump up, to blow up, to fatten out a

Sanity seats itself on the pavement,
props up the news seller’s stand,
plucks a string and
struggling to find a tune,
to find a melody –
a song to
his skinny form into

Sanity draws up its own headline.

‘Please donate generously!’

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, Weds 12th Sept. 2018

Obesity Epidemic article in Daily Mail


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