Back to the Myddle: Day One of an Ancestral Journey

Back to Myddle: Day One Back. Back to Myddle, the home of my ancestors. Having spent much of my life with the squawking of seagulls and the swishing of the sea, I’m not sure what to expect. Will I feel at home in a tiny village in the middle of Shropshire? I pull in atContinue reading “Back to the Myddle: Day One of an Ancestral Journey”

Toying with the Dark Side at Leestock

Now that Chewbacca’s facial hair has taken its leave from my throat, curtesy of a half a cherry cider, I’m feeling pretty chippers. I’m so chirpy that I’m thinking the brand name for the cider, Cheery Old Dudda, is more than apt. The aftertaste of sweet cherries has certainly put a spring into this oldContinue reading “Toying with the Dark Side at Leestock”