Silly-Savvy Diary: Me-Time in Prado

Prado Lounge, Sudbury. Great place for some me-time. Me-time much needed after a hectic Christmas and New Year. Two weeks of non-stop sorting, cleaning and recycling to clear away the debris from the previous Christmas (yes, I did find a bauble from last year’s tree still under the settee!), before the guests arrive (returning prodigalContinue reading “Silly-Savvy Diary: Me-Time in Prado”

Salt Waves

‘East Hill, Sudbury’ by Jay Cool [Inspired by a walk up East Hill, in inland Sudbury, after partaking of an excellent brew in Prado Lounge.] Dirty docks, seagulls and chips, fishing nets, trawlers and tankers, drunken sailors and fishermen leering and lurching at ladies, whilst lurking in bars with their pints. Beaches of pebbles, jarringContinue reading “Salt Waves”

Shards of Prado

‘Shards’ by Jay Cool Inspired by tea at Prado Lounge. Hours spent at Prado Lounge, with a one-cup pot of tea. To write out angst in a café full of strangers. Strangers who strangle my words with talk of Facebook, overdrafts and specials. I sharpen my pencil for shards of wood that crisp into fansContinue reading “Shards of Prado”


Composed whilst partaking of a recovery pot of tea in a Prado Lounge Café Bar. Banish the thoughts of others thinking. The only thoughts that matter are your own. Thoughts – for the taking. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, September 2018

Sealed in at Wroxeter

Inspired by a visit to Wroxeter, home to some of my ancestors, in Shropshire  (August 2018), and composed in a Prado Lounge Café Bar in Suffolk. Box Pews at a church in Selattyn, Shropshire Doors click open. Let me in and latch me in, keeping me seated. Listening. The Vicar steps up, announces himself, boxesContinue reading “Sealed in at Wroxeter”

Portrait of an Ageing Gentleman in Brown

Inspired by a portrait on display in a Prado Lounge Café Bar. Portrait of ‘Ageing Gentleman’ in Prado Lounge Café Bar  (artist’s name unknown to poet) Tufted up. White-winged scalp taking off. Immortalised. Chest puffed up, brown waist-coated and jacketed. Fingers clutching – perched birds claws, holding on before the shedding of the bulk, theContinue reading “Portrait of an Ageing Gentleman in Brown”