Shards of Prado

‘Shards’ by Jay Cool Inspired by tea at Prado Lounge. Hours spent at Prado Lounge, with a one-cup pot of tea. To write out angst in a café full of strangers. Strangers who strangle my words with talk of Facebook, overdrafts and specials. I sharpen my pencil for shards of wood that crisp into fansContinue reading “Shards of Prado”

Facebook Reunion

Re-emergence of old friends. Ancient connections. Whispered notes in tutorials. Student cars. Minis, 2CVs and Morris Minors. Starving, suicidal acquaintances raced into surgeries, collapsing into the future. In journeys long gone. And misremembered. False recollections. Old cells died and replaced. Recharged.     Copyright owned by Jay Cool Image: Photo of 2CV from PXhere, aContinue reading “Facebook Reunion”