Serious Poem – Electrical Slices

Fifty, one-hundred, fifty, one-hundred, fifty, fifty, …. forgot WHOOSH! Electrical currents slicing through my head, down my middle, down to my toes, dizziness, spillages – milk, hot water, tea .. then … I remember, the thing I forgot … the thing I was trying to come off … Sertralin … Keep walking, don’t think, keepContinue reading “Serious Poem – Electrical Slices”

Serious Poem – Monday Morning

Inspired by a reading of Philip Larkin’s poem, ‘High Windows’, within his anthology of the same name, whilst struggling to come to terms with a Monday morning – helped, in part, by a pot of tea in a Waitrose cafe.   Spilling milk, and feeling jugged, I gather up my teapot, spilling water – hot,Continue reading “Serious Poem – Monday Morning”

Serious Poem – A Monday Quest

Frenzied poems, I pencil down, in quest to quash the angst of a Monday morning in Waitrose – flowered ceramics with words of stewed-up tea.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 7th October 2019   Seriousish Poem – Moreover Savvy Style – On The Flat Savvy Book – The Hidden Life of Trees

Serious Poem – Anxiety

Shuddering waves of washed-out goods needing some TLC – needing something. Something, or maybe someone to do something, to say something, to say that it’s okay, just to be the thing, the something, that is you. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 6th October, 2019 Image by Norman Bosworth from Pixabay Silly Letter – Dear Mrs MooContinue reading “Serious Poem – Anxiety”

Squashed In Between

At the end of the page I put my hand up and told, “I’ve finished the page, Miss! What do I do now?” “Stop shouting out!” she shouted. “And don’t ask silly questions!” So, I sat there for a while, not knowing what next to do. “Keep writing!” shouted Miss. “No-one’s told you to stop.”Continue reading “Squashed In Between”

Shards of Prado

‘Shards’ by Jay Cool Inspired by tea at Prado Lounge. Hours spent at Prado Lounge, with a one-cup pot of tea. To write out angst in a café full of strangers. Strangers who strangle my words with talk of Facebook, overdrafts and specials. I sharpen my pencil for shards of wood that crisp into fansContinue reading “Shards of Prado”