Rainbow Frowns: A Storm Poem

A response to BBC News (25 March 2020) reports about children, in the UK, displaying their rainbow artwork in their windows: symbols of hope during the Coronavirus pandemic.   Frowns stuck in windows dressed up colour palettes red, yellow, pink, green, orange and purple looking out at birds soaring in the clear-blue ceiling of anContinue reading “Rainbow Frowns: A Storm Poem”

Savvy-Storm Poem – An Unseen Enemy

Inspired by the poem ‘Knives Whistle’ by Sherwin Bitsui (Poem-A-Day website)   A hand reaches to touch longing for a touch of the softness of others but finding only the air of nothingness withdrawing from reality the hand reaches for the hardness of all that is still left plug, switch, keyboard, touchpad, mouse finding onlyContinue reading “Savvy-Storm Poem – An Unseen Enemy”

A Something Poem – Find Me

Within these walls, find me, papered over with books. The walls of my life paper over me, lifting up my lining, and my lines, with pulp of mashed-up fiction, mostly read. And truths, mostly unread. More of all of it unread than read. Probably. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 14th October, 2019 Image by Free-PhotosContinue reading “A Something Poem – Find Me”

Savvy Article – Climatopause

Written in response to an article implying that climate change is responsible for hair loss in men. I’m feeling it: waves of anxiety run through my inners like slow-cutting knives; my golden-orange locks thin out, to make way for razor-blade edges of silver-white; and I’m all clammy, alternately baked hot and frozen cold, I’m nearlyContinue reading “Savvy Article – Climatopause”

Serious Poem – Forth From Afar

Feeling fear, I worry about my fearlessness, faring all that rolls forth from afar. Forthright, I go, floundering  forward.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2019   Image courtesy of Pixabay.com   Serious Poem – Tuesday Morning Savvy Tips – Net it! Savvy Book – The Legacy

Serious Poem – Electrical Slices

Fifty, one-hundred, fifty, one-hundred, fifty, fifty, …. forgot WHOOSH! Electrical currents slicing through my head, down my middle, down to my toes, dizziness, spillages – milk, hot water, tea .. then … I remember, the thing I forgot … the thing I was trying to come off … Sertralin … Keep walking, don’t think, keepContinue reading “Serious Poem – Electrical Slices”

Serious Poem – Monday Morning

Inspired by a reading of Philip Larkin’s poem, ‘High Windows’, within his anthology of the same name, whilst struggling to come to terms with a Monday morning – helped, in part, by a pot of tea in a Waitrose cafe.   Spilling milk, and feeling jugged, I gather up my teapot, spilling water – hot,Continue reading “Serious Poem – Monday Morning”

Seriousish Poem – Moreover

Connecting things up with more of a moreness that goes over into more of the same. More, or less of all of it that’s over.     Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2019   Image by minka2507 from Pixabay   Serious Poem – Never the Same Serious Poem – Anxiety