Savvy Article – Climatopause

Written in response to an article implying that climate change is responsible for hair loss in men. I’m feeling it: waves of anxiety run through my inners like slow-cutting knives; my golden-orange locks thin out, to make way for razor-blade edges of silver-white; and I’m all clammy, alternately baked hot and frozen cold, I’m nearlyContinue reading “Savvy Article – Climatopause”

Savvy Poem – Boulder Dough

Climate change, trolls, homophobia and racism dominate the news. Is this refreshing, not to hear about Brexit? Or, does it all roll in together – all kneaded up in a lump of dough – until, ball-like, it’s pushed nudged down, until it crushes us.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 20th September 2019 Please read,Continue reading “Savvy Poem – Boulder Dough”

Savvy Book – The Age of Miracles

Karen Thompson Walker’s ‘The Age of Miracles’  is a disturbing tale, which brings to my mind Alfred Hitchcock‘s ‘The Birds’. Birds clunk against windows in nightmarish scenarios; only, in Karen Thompson Walker’s story, the birds are dying – not multiplying! I decide it’s likely not a good idea to share my thoughts on the book withContinue reading “Savvy Book – The Age of Miracles”