Savvy Article – Climatopause

Written in response to an article implying that climate change is responsible for hair loss in men. I’m feeling it: waves of anxiety run through my inners like slow-cutting knives; my golden-orange locks thin out, to make way for razor-blade edges of silver-white; and I’m all clammy, alternately baked hot and frozen cold, I’m nearlyContinue reading “Savvy Article – Climatopause”

Tittling Toupees at The Tap

  Suffolk Punch Comedy Club’s 1st Birthday (and the cake that our compere, PJ, did not bake for the punters)     What better way to celebrate Suffolk Punch Comedy Club’s first birthday than with …. Gavin Milnethorpe? No, not with Gavin – not yet awhile anyhow. First stop’s the bar. No woman in herContinue reading “Tittling Toupees at The Tap”