Tittling Toupees at The Tap

  Suffolk Punch Comedy Club’s 1st Birthday (and the cake that our compere, PJ, did not bake for the punters)     What better way to celebrate Suffolk Punch Comedy Club’s first birthday than with …. Gavin Milnethorpe? No, not with Gavin – not yet awhile anyhow. First stop’s the bar. No woman in herContinue reading “Tittling Toupees at The Tap”

Royal Redheads Raise the Standard at Leestock

Adam. Adam’s arrived at Leestock. And I do believe he’s booked in as the first comedian of the day, but I’ve just downed my ‘Five a Day’ breakfast drinks (I’ll post up the cider menu later!) and I’m feeling re-energised, so I’m taking a short walk to the lovely Leestock lavatories – in an attemptContinue reading “Royal Redheads Raise the Standard at Leestock”

Sermon at Mount Leestock

Sunday. Okay, Dad, so I’m not in church, and I know you brought me up to be a regular kind of a vicar’s daughter – the kind who helps out at the local Sunday School. But it is Sunday and I am helping out and I am being an educator, because I’m dishing out someContinue reading “Sermon at Mount Leestock”