Groundhog Day at Leestock

Suffolk Punch Comedy at the Leestock Festival Suffolk Punch Comedy’s show, hosted by the emcee Pauline Eyre, every child’s nightmare of an embarrassing yes-I-think-I’m-funny mum, gets off to a cracking Sunday start:      Why did the baker wash his hands?      We don’t know Pauline Eyre! Why did the baker wash his hands?      Because he’d kneadedContinue reading “Groundhog Day at Leestock”

Sermon at Mount Leestock

Sunday. Okay, Dad, so I’m not in church, and I know you brought me up to be a regular kind of a vicar’s daughter – the kind who helps out at the local Sunday School. But it is Sunday and I am helping out and I am being an educator, because I’m dishing out someContinue reading “Sermon at Mount Leestock”