Savvy Book – The Age of Miracles

Karen Thompson Walker’s ‘The Age of Miracles’  is a disturbing tale, which brings to my mind Alfred Hitchcock‘s ‘The Birds’. Birds clunk against windows in nightmarish scenarios; only, in Karen Thompson Walker’s story, the birds are dying – not multiplying! I decide it’s likely not a good idea to share my thoughts on the book withContinue reading “Savvy Book – The Age of Miracles”


False. All made up. All made up and fixed up. All the words that blow out of my mouth. All bubbles, airborne and popping, leaving nothing. No untruths, no fairy tales, no collaborative cock-up with Putin. All filled up, popped up and emptied, I leave you with my nothingness. An empty space –     Continue reading “Exonerated”


Sweat clams up my facial pores, drowning my being in a deluge of fast-playing age, like a sweaty-sibling’s palm, it taunts me, blocks my immediate vision and blurs out the splayed-out fingers on its periphery. Its a winter midnight but, even so, I fling off my summer-togged duvet, and sit up – abruptly; willing myContinue reading “Exposure”

The Geography of Myself

Image courtesy of Myself has migrated, leaving hints of itself, in old towns and locations, where it used to be. In the dirt floor of a sandstone cave, in the soil of a grandfather’s vegetable garden, in the cracks of a concrete driveway, in the drains of a tarmacked road, and in the cornersContinue reading “The Geography of Myself”

A Rushed Ending

‘Beach’ courtesy of time circling itself each round of the circle getting smaller each weekend seeming shorter passing quicker than the one before until Copyright owned by Jay Cool, January 2019 Inspiration take from ‘Mexicans Lost in Mexico’ by Nico Amador. Who is Jay Cool?

Bloomers and Beer

  I, Jay Cool, am back and feeling chipper. Just as well, as I’m in for a treat with Aaron Chipper, first comedian of the evening. It has to be said that Aaron seems a tad insecure in his abilities to entertain. He’s introducing himself as ‘white, male and American’ and as akin to DonaldContinue reading “Bloomers and Beer”