Serious Poem – Outgoings

Outgoings.                                                                                                             …

Savvily-Serious Poem – Lift Lines

Inspired by the words of Christina Henry, in her novel, ‘The Girl in Red’: ‘.. a cloak made of tired that pressed down on her shoulders and made her neck droop.’ (p.32) And by my memory of  lamp I once owned, in the shape of a lady wearing a crinoline dress – a lady whose undergarments…

Curlicues: A Savvy Poem

I am – the twist in the tale, presenting to you the gift of my surprise ……………………………………………   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 2019   Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Quotidian: A Savvy Poem

I am, they say, bland. Bland, ordinary, everyday – drab! Being drab, I land in a bland sort of way – as a tiny ripple, barely noticeable, until – swept up by invisibility, my everything becomes your everything: greedy, ravenous, destructive and DELICIOUS.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 2019   Image by Dina Dee…

Elemental: A Savvy Poem

  Uncomplicated. Simple. Insignificant. Essential – the tale that is me.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 2019

Numinous: This Physical Thing

My stories are told from my toes; in the places between my joints, where vast expanses of sun-soaked-night sky are lit up by the flecks let loose from my mother bones; flecks, once broken, now holding their own – numinous. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 2019 Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay   Please read more…

Travel Log: A Savvy Poem

I unravel myself and, stretched out, feeling full, I traverse the River Humber, leaving my beginning where part of me began, in Grimsby, and my middle, over the other side in                                              Yorkshire. In…

Never: A Little Bit of Savviness

  Not now, she said. Not now, and not really ever. No, not now. Never.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, April 2019   Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay              

Being: A Savvy Poem

To be a being, to be a me that is a being, I must not be benign. To be benign is to be immobile, immoveable, to be a sign of being just so. But being a being, that is a being that is me, I find myself not a being to be a something that…

Protest: A Savvy Poem

Rot. A lot of old rot. A lot of rotten old tests pushed at me by rotten old people. Old people and old tests. All rotten. And all best left to rot. A lot!   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, April 2019   Image by F1 Digitals from Pixabay