They had nothing to do with each other. Not really. Nothing in the way of communication passed between them, although one, it could be argued, was a regular guest of the other. Not by way of invitation; but more in the way of a gatecrasher. Although to use the word gatecrasher might seem to implyContinue reading “Rebuff”

Savvy Poem – Content

Content is irrelevant. What’s relevant is lost in the flow of the post after post after post of meaningless messages churning round and round my receptors.   Soggy messages: mushed up, dried out, crumbled and scattered.   Bits swept up, sacked up and dumped – tipped into irrelevance, and skipped up into contentment.   CopyrightContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Content”

Silly Writing Tips – How to enjoy editing ..

  Feeling glum. Editing is really not fun. Enjoyed the writing part but, on getting to the end, realised I had to go back to the beginning and start all over again, skimming, scanning and slicing. My so-called whole book is marred by the workings of my gubbins, i.e. the muddle that is the wayContinue reading “Silly Writing Tips – How to enjoy editing ..”

Savvy Writing Tips – How to Get Published

Indeed, how? Beats me. I’ve reached my target of 38,000ish words. What now? How do I get someone, something, somewhere, to publish the thing? Is it enough of a more of a thing to take a publisher’s fancy? In hope of being given all the answers, I take myself out of my cave, rev upContinue reading “Savvy Writing Tips – How to Get Published”

Savvy Writing Tips – How to Write a Whole Book

Okay, so I did it. Not only have I, for the first time, written more than six chapters of a book, I have actually finished the thing. Incredible! How? After a day of sulking with myself about being a waster, i.e. never finishing any of my grand book-writing schemes, I asked myself why? Why isContinue reading “Savvy Writing Tips – How to Write a Whole Book”

Silly Poem – Liaison With A Lamp

‘Liaison With A Lamp’ was written in the usual dim lights of a Prado Lounge, whilst observing the sun’s rays begging to be allowed in, and dipping in and out of the collection ‘High Windows’ (available at Waterstones) by the poet Philip Larkin. ‘Only the young can be alone freely. The time is shorter now forContinue reading “Silly Poem – Liaison With A Lamp”

Savvy Tips – Net it!

What to write about? Why question it! Why not just write about whatever you can catch back? All you need is  a net – it doesn’t have to be costly –  one of those little nets on the end of a stick will do! You know, the sort you nagged your parents for, every timeContinue reading “Savvy Tips – Net it!”

Savvy Tips – Steal A Style

Keen to be a writer? But lacking in self-confidence?   Has anything changed since your schooldays. Think back! Were you scared in case the teacher thought your work was rubbish? Did you hedge your bets and borrow your ideas from the teacher’s pet – the one seated next to you? Time to dip your toesContinue reading “Savvy Tips – Steal A Style”

11: Book a Week

Is it possible, I ask you (i.e. myself) to write a book in a week? How long will Mrs Hinch stay away for, if I just sit down at my desk and write on and on and on? Will she place her rubber-gloved hand on my shoulder and entice me into my kitchen to seeContinue reading “11: Book a Week”

Getting Out of the Day Job 4: A Diary

Disclaimer: This post contains a link to Amazon, with regards to a recommended book. If you choose to purchase the book, I will receive a commission at no cost to yourself.   Okay, so I haven’t given it up yet. I’ve still got three months of my notice to work out but, signing on theContinue reading “Getting Out of the Day Job 4: A Diary”