11: Book a Week


Is it possible, I ask you (i.e. myself) to write a book in a week?

How long will Mrs Hinch stay away for, if I just sit down at my desk and write on and on and on?

Will she place her rubber-gloved hand on my shoulder and entice me into my kitchen to see the pile of dirty crocks, the scattered breakfast cereals and vegetable-peal-coated floor? Will she force me to keep company with the many bottles of Zeflora that now adorn my under-sink cupboard? Would that be a good thing or bad?

Do I need a clean kitchen or a book worthy of a million dollar publishing deal?

The answer’s out there for all to see (all my viewers, i.e. my ‘one’ viewer)!

I have a whole week off from the day job, before I have to return and work out the rest of my notice. The Zeflora can stick it!

I’m going in for the book challenge.

Track my progress.

Check me out.

Can the me that is not me, the me that writes, write a whole book in a week?


Copyright owned by Jay Cool, May 2019

Take a quick read of the poem¬†devoted to my ‘one’ viewer, i.e. become my second viewer, or even my third, and make my day! And I’ll do my best to make a ‘Week’ of a book!


Image by Mabel Amber, still incognito… from Pixabay

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