Savvy Poem – Entwined

Suffocating space stretching out into sea of crushed moments; ideas of futures undone, now gone – Slowly killing me.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 9th January 2020 Image by Holger Schué from Pixabay A Word For 2020 Savvy Poem – Cracked Wallpaper Silly Adventure – Bunny Soup in Chilton

Silly Poem – Liaison With A Lamp

‘Liaison With A Lamp’ was written in the usual dim lights of a Prado Lounge, whilst observing the sun’s rays begging to be allowed in, and dipping in and out of the collection ‘High Windows’ (available at Waterstones) by the poet Philip Larkin. ‘Only the young can be alone freely. The time is shorter now forContinue reading “Silly Poem – Liaison With A Lamp”

Savvy Poem – SAD

Inspired by Philip Larkin’s poem, ‘Solar’, and composed whilst partaking of an excellent pot of tea, courtesy of Prado Lounge, with the Autumn sun lighting up my morning.   Made sad by the dark and the drear of yesteryear, I feel the pull of solar flames; not for the ‘heat’ of the ‘gold’, or forContinue reading “Savvy Poem – SAD”

Savvily-Silly Poem – Prescient

And here, in the now, I present my present self to my self still to come. And here, in the now, I present my self still to come to my present self. Myself is the only present that I will ever require. Precious. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2019 Image by fancycrave1 from PixabayContinue reading “Savvily-Silly Poem – Prescient”

Serious Poem – The Thread

Spiralling around the loop and going down it is nothing as long as you can thread yourself out of it again and again and again – until your head pops up for The Bite!     Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2019 Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay   Savvy Book – The Girl WithContinue reading “Serious Poem – The Thread”

Serious Poem – Forth From Afar

Feeling fear, I worry about my fearlessness, faring all that rolls forth from afar. Forthright, I go, floundering  forward.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2019   Image courtesy of   Serious Poem – Tuesday Morning Savvy Tips – Net it! Savvy Book – The Legacy

Serious Poem – Electrical Slices

Fifty, one-hundred, fifty, one-hundred, fifty, fifty, …. forgot WHOOSH! Electrical currents slicing through my head, down my middle, down to my toes, dizziness, spillages – milk, hot water, tea .. then … I remember, the thing I forgot … the thing I was trying to come off … Sertralin … Keep walking, don’t think, keepContinue reading “Serious Poem – Electrical Slices”

Serious Poem – Monday Morning

Inspired by a reading of Philip Larkin’s poem, ‘High Windows’, within his anthology of the same name, whilst struggling to come to terms with a Monday morning – helped, in part, by a pot of tea in a Waitrose cafe.   Spilling milk, and feeling jugged, I gather up my teapot, spilling water – hot,Continue reading “Serious Poem – Monday Morning”

Seriousish Poem – Moreover

Connecting things up with more of a moreness that goes over into more of the same. More, or less of all of it that’s over.     Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2019   Image by minka2507 from Pixabay   Serious Poem – Never the Same Serious Poem – Anxiety  

Savvy Diary – The Torture

Just read a poem that arrived in my inbox, by Brandon Som. I struggled to follow many of the lines, as some were in languages other than English and, much to my shame, I am not even bilingual, let alone multilingual! Nonetheless, the following two lines stuck! Perhaps in the same way that a saw,Continue reading “Savvy Diary – The Torture”