Serious Poem – Doubts

Doubts in my head – I beat them away, tell them to go, but still they come back, so I push them, throw them, blow them until they pop and with clear head, I know there’s time, still, to get on. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, January 2020 Image by Kira Hoffmann from Pixabay  Continue reading “Serious Poem – Doubts”

Savvily-Silly Poem – Prescient

And here, in the now, I present my present self to my self still to come. And here, in the now, I present my self still to come to my present self. Myself is the only present that I will ever require. Precious. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2019 Image by fancycrave1 from PixabayContinue reading “Savvily-Silly Poem – Prescient”

Serious Poem – The Thread

Spiralling around the loop and going down it is nothing as long as you can thread yourself out of it again and again and again – until your head pops up for The Bite!     Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2019 Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay   Savvy Book – The Girl WithContinue reading “Serious Poem – The Thread”

Serious Poem – A Monday Quest

Frenzied poems, I pencil down, in quest to quash the angst of a Monday morning in Waitrose – flowered ceramics with words of stewed-up tea.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 7th October 2019   Seriousish Poem – Moreover Savvy Style – On The Flat Savvy Book – The Hidden Life of Trees

Seriousish Poem – Moreover

Connecting things up with more of a moreness that goes over into more of the same. More, or less of all of it that’s over.     Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2019   Image by minka2507 from Pixabay   Serious Poem – Never the Same Serious Poem – Anxiety  

Serious Poem – Anxiety

Shuddering waves of washed-out goods needing some TLC – needing something. Something, or maybe someone to do something, to say something, to say that it’s okay, just to be the thing, the something, that is you. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 6th October, 2019 Image by Norman Bosworth from Pixabay Silly Letter – Dear Mrs MooContinue reading “Serious Poem – Anxiety”

Silly-Savvy Poem – Fully Flipped

A response to First Date by Glenn Thomas. Full of it. Full of freedom and full of fear. Fear of going forward for fear of fluffing it. Freedom. Fullness. Fear. Full. Flip! Copyright owned by Jay Cool, September, 2019 Image by Iva Balk from Pixabay   Do read, like and comment on further posts byContinue reading “Silly-Savvy Poem – Fully Flipped”

Savvy Poem – Enhancement

  Taking a chance, I burrow into the furrows of my freckle-spattered skin, digging out the white-grey hairs to display them, proudly, alongside any golden reminders of another me.   There are so many versions of myself, in evidence still – each one as worthy of existence, as the one before that lingers, hanging onContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Enhancement”

Savvy Poem – Worthlessness

Am I worth less than a life that is half my age? If that is the case, then why do they double me up, paying me twice as much as my younger self, only to then let go of my worthlessness – to save themselves from the cost of my pricelessness? Copyright owned by JayContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Worthlessness”

Silly Poem – Dunderhead

Being under one’s head, one recognises a done deal, before even others have overheard the need for a dunderhead to do a deal with the dead, to prevent the dead doing deals from down under. And in recognition of that deal, a deal not done, but already dead, one finds one- self ready, already. NotContinue reading “Silly Poem – Dunderhead”