Savvy Poem – Enough

Reducing parts of myself to give the world more of myself, I find, when I look down at what’s left, there’s not enough left for myself, so I step out for a while to give the other half of me time enough to remind me that I am        more than and noContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Enough”

Silly Poem – Liaison With A Lamp

‘Liaison With A Lamp’ was written in the usual dim lights of a Prado Lounge, whilst observing the sun’s rays begging to be allowed in, and dipping in and out of the collection ‘High Windows’ (available at Waterstones) by the poet Philip Larkin. ‘Only the young can be alone freely. The time is shorter now forContinue reading “Silly Poem – Liaison With A Lamp”

Savvy Poem – SAD

Inspired by Philip Larkin’s poem, ‘Solar’, and composed whilst partaking of an excellent pot of tea, courtesy of Prado Lounge, with the Autumn sun lighting up my morning.   Made sad by the dark and the drear of yesteryear, I feel the pull of solar flames; not for the ‘heat’ of the ‘gold’, or forContinue reading “Savvy Poem – SAD”

Silly Poem – Wednesday Morning

Wedded. Wedded to my nest, for this morning, this grey-ghastly-ghoulish morning, I say my vows, and write until my gangrene growls and grizzles its way to Godliness.     Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 16th October, 2019 Image by Heiko Stein from Pixabay   Savvy Books – Not Yet Wall Savvily-Serious Poem – Lift Lines SavvyContinue reading “Silly Poem – Wednesday Morning”

Serious Poem – Forth From Afar

Feeling fear, I worry about my fearlessness, faring all that rolls forth from afar. Forthright, I go, floundering  forward.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2019   Image courtesy of   Serious Poem – Tuesday Morning Savvy Tips – Net it! Savvy Book – The Legacy

Serious Poem – A Monday Quest

Frenzied poems, I pencil down, in quest to quash the angst of a Monday morning in Waitrose – flowered ceramics with words of stewed-up tea.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 7th October 2019   Seriousish Poem – Moreover Savvy Style – On The Flat Savvy Book – The Hidden Life of Trees

Real Life: Haiku

At forty-nine, I start my real life – the one I was born to live.     Copyright owned by Jay Cool,  July 2019   Please read and comment on other posts by Jay Cool: 1: Lack-Lustre 55: Finiarted Time to Say Goodbye The Undertaking: Book Review Outstanding

55: Finiarted

Finished. Finished the day job. Started my life as me. Finiarted.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, July 2019   Image depicting my reaction a few moments ago, when Hubby returned from the supermarket minus the celebratory bottle of fizz I sent him out for, by Domenic Hoffmann from Pixabay

53: Two More Days

    Only two more days to go. Not that I’m wishing myself away – just the day job. In two days, step out of my workplace knowing that I will never have to step back in. Not that I will be completely unfettered. The full unfettering won’t happen until the date of expiry. NotContinue reading “53: Two More Days”