Silly-Serious Poem – Stomach

Churning, whirring, refusing to settle for a new day; convincing itself it’s not that time quite yet. Not ready for things to come. Preferring the solitude of a zone still sleeping. Copyright owned by The Silly-Savvy Salopian, January 2020 Image by Wolfgang Claussen from Pixabay Silly Poem – Waiting Silly Poem – Late is LateContinue reading “Silly-Serious Poem – Stomach”

Savvy Poem – A Storming Morning

Inspired by the phrase ‘storming morning’ coined by, in the poem ‘Shattering’.   Storming into a morning that I know is not really there, I find myself nagged into wakefulness by the lure of a coffee, that I hope is not really there, by my side, waiting for me. Sure, I know, I’ll stir longContinue reading “Savvy Poem – A Storming Morning”

Silly-Savvy Poem – Thursday

Trudging, hearse-like, in morning slumber – worse, I know, than swinging out to terrain of pink-dank carpet, cupped with hoops of tan (the stains of long-drunk coffee cups, and mugs, and breakfast bowls- uprooted from cluttered-clanks of kitchen chaos, to quell the thirst of mornings gone, of people past, of time thrown out, of thoughtsContinue reading “Silly-Savvy Poem – Thursday”

Silly Poem – Wednesday Morning

Wedded. Wedded to my nest, for this morning, this grey-ghastly-ghoulish morning, I say my vows, and write until my gangrene growls and grizzles its way to Godliness.     Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 16th October, 2019 Image by Heiko Stein from Pixabay   Savvy Books – Not Yet Wall Savvily-Serious Poem – Lift Lines SavvyContinue reading “Silly Poem – Wednesday Morning”