Ability. Determinedly inviting. And, yet, fragile. Its being-ness, being predetermined; with its destination, being – anything but, what some might term – inevit able.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, August 31st, 2021 Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay  

Silly-Savvy Questions: Fifty Doubled

This year I will reach the grand old age of fifty. Double fifty, makes one hundred, doesn’t it? This week I have averaged at fifty daily views on my blog. Do I have to be one hundred years old to achieve one hundred? Do I really have to wait that long? Okay, so the lastContinue reading “Silly-Savvy Questions: Fifty Doubled”

Silly Poem – Downing It

Drowned, presumably. Drowned in thoughts of my own making, as I down my all, circling around the world, without ever getting to the top of it; instead, being sucked right into it. Right into it and down. All the way down. Right the way down and all the way through its middle.   Copyright ownedContinue reading “Silly Poem – Downing It”

So Not Savvy Poem – Stuck

Stuck, tucked in, and cornered, by tree, Prosecco and book. Stuck, booked-in, and staying.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 26th December 2019   Silly Style – Christmas with Kate & Stacey Silly Boris Romps to Power Silly Writing Tip – How to be an Anomalous Vitruvian …  

Silly Poem – Rumblings

The rumbling gets to me in the way a not great thing grates upon a person. All of the rumbles and snorts and puffs intrude upon my sense of who I am and interfere with that which might be the continuation of myself, if it were allowed to continue, undisturbed by the inconvenience of theContinue reading “Silly Poem – Rumblings”

Silly-Savvy Poem – Thursday

Trudging, hearse-like, in morning slumber – worse, I know, than swinging out to terrain of pink-dank carpet, cupped with hoops of tan (the stains of long-drunk coffee cups, and mugs, and breakfast bowls- uprooted from cluttered-clanks of kitchen chaos, to quell the thirst of mornings gone, of people past, of time thrown out, of thoughtsContinue reading “Silly-Savvy Poem – Thursday”

Silly Poem – Wednesday Morning

Wedded. Wedded to my nest, for this morning, this grey-ghastly-ghoulish morning, I say my vows, and write until my gangrene growls and grizzles its way to Godliness.     Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 16th October, 2019 Image by Heiko Stein from Pixabay   Savvy Books – Not Yet Wall Savvily-Serious Poem – Lift Lines SavvyContinue reading “Silly Poem – Wednesday Morning”

And Like: A Savvy Poem

Why turn up the volume? Why drown out your own thoughts? Listen to yourself, to your own voice – and celebrate! Be what you were always meant to be. Just be. And like.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 2019 Written in response to the post Thoughts Late at Night.   Drown yourself in JayContinue reading “And Like: A Savvy Poem”

Thursday Thoughts

On this day, this ordinary Thursday, I find myself stuck for inspiration. My head tells me to write about gripes and grudges – and all the grizzly gunge that grieves me, but I feel that such things, in the era of the mindful, would likely be minded, by those who mind a lot about theContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts”

Feet Filling

Sound squealing into his head, drowning out all sense of self and beingness; he lies on his back, sticks his feet up and into the sound, into the squeal, seeking to fill up some of the space of sound with the bones and flesh of toes, soles, tendons and heels, that may, or may notContinue reading “Feet Filling”