Silly Poem – Mind

  I never mind them. Not much. And I don’t mind not minding them. Not at all. Why then, do they mind me not minding them? That, I mind!   And is that wrong? No, not to my mind.   As the only mind, to me, that I mind minding, is my mind.   So,Continue reading “Silly Poem – Mind”

Resignation: A Something Poem

The stew being stagnant, I swim to the edge of the pot, reach up to rim and pull myself                                                     out. The others, resigned to the stupor, stay. Copyright owned byContinue reading “Resignation: A Something Poem”

Vestibule: A Savvy Poem

  Making my entrance, I felt proud. I was in a trance, to be fair – a daydream! A dream in which I felt appreciated, a dream in which the face that looked like mine had a purpose.   When the enchantment ended, I was loud. to be fair, then I was disturbed and –Continue reading “Vestibule: A Savvy Poem”

Under No Circumstances

Under no circumstances must I: sing, fart, dance, or wear double-denim. And I should not – ever! Look like an old lady having a mid-life crisis!   I take this on board – it’s sound advice, so I change my act, because there’s nothing wrong, I think, with looking like a middle-aged lady, and beingContinue reading “Under No Circumstances”

And Like: A Savvy Poem

Why turn up the volume? Why drown out your own thoughts? Listen to yourself, to your own voice – and celebrate! Be what you were always meant to be. Just be. And like.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 2019 Written in response to the post Thoughts Late at Night.   Drown yourself in JayContinue reading “And Like: A Savvy Poem”

20: Dead Day

Not so motivated today. Haven’t started that book and the week’s almost up. Very few views on my blog. In a feeble attempt to push back the voice in my head telling me that I’m just a pie-in-the-sky dreamer, I abandon the grumbling tones of my cave, park my bum upon the awaiting magic carpetContinue reading “20: Dead Day”

8: Hello Me!

So much for giving up the day job. Spent the day, today, working. Not at my workplace, but at home; at home, for my workplace. For the workplace which I have given up; but which, in turn, has not given me up. The workplace that still expects me to do more work for it –Continue reading “8: Hello Me!”

7: Knotted

Why give up a job that pays well? Shouldn’t I be grateful? Stop the whingeing and get on with it? Get on with what? Get on with trying to get to the peak of the mountain, whilst hanging on to the cliff face by old rope? Get on with the knowing that the only wayContinue reading “7: Knotted”