Tiers Wedding cakes, ra-ra skirts and playhouses; scrumptious, trendy and entertaining. Layers and layers of fun. Tough tiers? Restrictive, lonely, dull. Necessary. Piling up. Mounting layers, upon layers, upon layers of creativity. Individual, multi-faceted, oodles and oodles of fun. The self, unrestricted. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, Nov 26, 2020 Image by Natalie White fromContinue reading “Tiers”

Resignation: A Something Poem

The stew being stagnant, I swim to the edge of the pot, reach up to rim and pull myself                                                     out. The others, resigned to the stupor, stay. Copyright owned byContinue reading “Resignation: A Something Poem”

Vestibule: A Savvy Poem

  Making my entrance, I felt proud. I was in a trance, to be fair – a daydream! A dream in which I felt appreciated, a dream in which the face that looked like mine had a purpose.   When the enchantment ended, I was loud. to be fair, then I was disturbed and –Continue reading “Vestibule: A Savvy Poem”

Descendant of the Generator

Inspired by the self help blog empress2inspire.wordpress.com’s affirmation to myself that ‘I am world-class & one of a kind’.   One of the world and one of a kind. What kind of a one am I, if my one face does not fit in the one world of my one life? Should my one ofContinue reading “Descendant of the Generator”