Silly-Savvy Poem – Night Thermos

Never been much of a¬†night owl until this night. On this night, tonight, I can’t sleep. On this night, it’s so warm, I can smell the burning of the January heat. On this night, I give up on the sleep and get up to follow heat to the kitchen. I smell the burning of crusts,Continue reading “Silly-Savvy Poem – Night Thermos”

And Like: A Savvy Poem

Why turn up the volume? Why drown out your own thoughts? Listen to yourself, to your own voice – and celebrate! Be what you were always meant to be. Just be. And like.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 2019 Written in response to the post¬†Thoughts Late at Night.   Drown yourself in JayContinue reading “And Like: A Savvy Poem”

Black Dog v Tulip Dance

Light-lidded sleep eludes me. Last night’s sleep was angry. I was shouting, shouting at the Black Dog; shouting at the Black Dog for making up lies. In the morning, I saw that the canine teeth were just the yellow, brown-stained fangs of an unbrushed-tyrannical humanoid. A man not a man; an invention, programmed to clingContinue reading “Black Dog v Tulip Dance”