Silly-Savvy Poem – Night Thermos

Never been much of a night owl

until this night.

On this night, tonight, I can’t sleep.

On this night, it’s so warm, I can smell the burning

of the January heat.

On this night, I give up on the sleep and get up to

follow heat to the kitchen.

I smell the burning of crusts, stuck in a non-stop toaster, but there is nothing.

Just the kettle and cold water.

I make tea and still

I can’t sleep.

What is it about this night?

Why am I burning

when the wind howls and the birds song pulls me up through open sky-light,

and out into tomorrow’s summer?

Is this the fast-forwarding?

Am I the core of this globe, middle-age and middle-night, an unbreakable thermos?

What is it about this night?

Is it my night?

Real, toasted and burning, I write and through the open sky-light …

and the rain feeds me.


Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 3.19pm, 2nd January, 2020

Image by Kevsphotos from Pixabay

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