Savvy Story – Boy On The Train

Boy On The Train In Meltdown

He gets on the wrong train. Realising his error, he thinks he ought to get off at the next stop, but he wonders what would happen if he stayed on for the ride. Where might the train take him?

Besides which, he’s enjoying the buzz, the excitement, the rhythm of the metal wheels bumping and tumbling over joins in the track. The train stops at the next station. He goes to step off, but can’t quite get his right foot to land on the platform, can’t make it descend that far. So he reigns his right foot back in, keeping it back to keep company with his left.

He sits back down.

The train rumbles on. Each time it stops, he gets up, puts his left foot out, part way down, and then – back  in again. Each time, he sits back down.

On and on the train rumbles. It feels good, in a way. He feels calm within, but is aware that there are voices calling him down, telling him to stand up, make his way back to the door, and to get off the train. To get off completely. To get off and to stay off. To stay off and to call up his mum, his dad, a parent, someone he knows. To ask for help, for a lift back home.

He stays on the train. He can’t get off. He’s stuck there now. If he gets off before the end, before the train stops for good, he might miss something. And when the train does stop for good, he’ll still be going.  Still enjoying the rhythm.

Still stuck.

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, Friday 29th November, 2019

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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