Savvy Book – The Doll House

The Doll House, by Phoebe Morgan.

Picked this book up at Lavenham Literary Festival, after attending a session about How To Get Published by the author.

It’s not my usual genre – I tend to prefer literary fiction to popular thrillers. But, following on from the read, I have now eliminated the snob from within. Sure, The Doll House did turn out to be, as suspected a bit of a rip-off of The Miniaturist. But, it’s also a rip-off of the TV psychological thriller, the series called Cheat. Put two of my favourites together, and add a bit of Phoebe Morgan originality into the mix, and there it is, as stated on the cover, ‘A Real Page-Turner’!

I loved it.

Plus, I love dolls’ houses. Tried to make one on my kitchen table using warped plywood from some DIY superstore, and a borrowed panel-pin pusher. Loved the panel-pin pusher, but it didn’t love me! The resulting product, if something unsaleable can be called a product, had so many panel pins sticking out of the exterior walls that it resembled an inside-out pin cushion!

I loved it, but eventually, when my first sprog came along the death-trap had to go!

At least I knew where it had gone to. I took it there – the tip!

Corinne, Phoebe Morgan’s main character, is trying for a baby. This makes her reminisce about her own childhood toys. She recalls her favourite, a dolls’ house made by her late father, and goes looking for it at her mother’s house.


She can’t find it and she really wants it back. But, she needn’t worry because, in the end … bit by bit … the dolls’ house …

… finds her!

Couldn’t put it down until I got to that bit! Have I given too much away?

Looking forward to the televised series. And to the sequel!

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, November, 2019

Image by falco from Pixabay

P.S. Punctuation-wise, contains a lot of comma splices. But, being a comma-splice hater, and a fan of another psychological thriller, Killing Eve,  I had great fun tracking them down and murdering each and everyone of them with my silly-savvy pencil! Look out for my next post: ‘Killing the Comma-Splice’!

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