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Review of: Suffolk Punch Comedy Club Gig –  The Brewery Tap, Sudbury, Nov 2019

Never has our emcee, PJ, stooped so low.

Colin, our first comedian for tonight’s gig, has it on good authority, that  PJ’s been in touch with ‘Rentacrowd’. Sadly, the coach is stuck in one of Sudbury’s infamous traffic jams – in Cross Street!

Must be why PJ’s looking so glum!


Still, Colin’s in his element, as is our No.2 comedian, Joe Bates. Just look at them – all smug! What is about one person’s misery that lifts up the rest of the crowd?

Sadistic lot!


Colin’s even brought his dog along for the feast!


Although, from what Colin’s telling us, then his wolf friend’s an S & M freak, i.e. more into humping than feasting! Not that food intakes an issue, if you’re exempt from picking up the byproduct. No secret probes required, for dishing up the dirt about Colin. News of the World, you’re back in business!


But for old-timers, like myself, who grew up on a diet of poo and wee jokes, Colin’s just the thing – not just for starters either – I’ll happily go in for the whole three course meal! Just be sure to banish me from the venue before I let out the aftermath!


20191106_202115-1With the dumping over, it’s time for our first-time performer Joe Bates!


First time, as in first of the many gigs he’s sure to for Suffolk Punch.  And I’m only a tad concerned that Joe gave up his day job to make it big, and is now back working in Argos – there’s still time, Joe! Still time for all of us!

I mean, just take a look at Boris Johnson! He went from Eton to the Tory Party. What progress! Still time for us all to rise …



And, as Joe quite rightly points out, there’s plenty of learning to be had out there on the streets, with it’s ‘inclusive’ and ‘diverse’ community; plenty enough to make Joe stand-out as a potential replacement for old Corbyn. Get out and up there, Joe!

A change is as good as a rest, and with newbie Joe catapulted off the launch pad, little DD’s back!

It’s Dylan Dodds!


And just look at that hand movement! (Wrong place, DD! Down a bit!)

He might look like a novice, but Dylan’s been around a bit. So traumatised is he, by a childhood experience (‘stabbed with pair of compasses in a Watford classroom’) that he now wanders the streets of his home town, chuntering on to himself about magic rings, breastfeeding his feline, and fluff-infested tackle. Can’t make out whether the ring’s really a Tolkien-style, time-travelling device, as he claims, or whether, in reality, it’s tied up with his aforesaid tackle. Can’t be very easy to make a good job of the old hygiene routine when …

Changing the subject ….

Who’s up next, PJ?

That’s it?


Just as well it’s all about quality, not quantity. Let’s get them all back on for another round! May the laughter continue ….!

Best gig yet! When’s the next?

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, November 2019

Be at The Brewery Tap, East Street, Sudbury, Suffolk, first Wednesday of the month, 8pm, for more rip-roaring laughter. Free entry. Donations accepted for research into causes and cures of prostate cancer.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Image by nightowl from Pixabay

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