Savvy Comedy – Jobseekers

In for another fun evening at The Tap?

Personally, I didn’t take much persuading. Just the thought of a pint (or two) of the old mango cider got me here by teleportation – the comedians on offer being a mere bonus! Bit of a BOGOFF offer; buy two pints and get a comedian thrown in free!

That’s the great thing about Suffolk Punch Comedy gigs at this particular venue – ENTRY IS FREE! Donations in the pot for prostate cancer research are, it goes without saying (so I’ll say it anyway), or course, always welcomed!

Anyway, in this evening’s offer, I’m being treated to a dose of none other than Jacob Hatton! And just look at the curls on this man’s head – wonderful! Not only is he funny, he also comes with a gift (not the hair!) – Jacob’s gift is that he can tell everything about a person from the sandwich they eat. Shame they’ve got no sarnies on offer, here at The Tap. But, being an amateur psychologist, I can go one better …


I can conjure up an image of a never-seen-before sandwich by looking at the person who’s going to order it.

This is the one Jacob Hatton is dreaming about right now!


Always eat your crusts to maintain a full head of curls! Does this apply to …? No … no, I’m not going down to that level – too rude!

Change of subject!

Louise Bastock.

Now, Louise I can relate to big time!


Louise has just opted out of the corporate day job! Join the Discommunicated Souls’ Club, Louise! Strange, seems she already has; she keeps banging on about death – something to do with having wealthy grandparents! Yes, Louise, that might solve your money issues, but really? Best to do as I, Jay Cool, do – set yourself up as a blogger! It’s a lucrative profession for the dispossessed – this down and out’s monthly income for September was 40p!

This, Louise, you need to keep in mind: your ‘job’ did not ‘take the best years of’ your ‘life’! The best years have just started! You’re here, here in The Tap, creating a roomful of raucous laughter – what more could you want?

Don Patmore?


This, as you may have worked out, is Don! And judging by the moustache, then Jacob Hatten’s not the only one with a penchant for eating the crusts! But besides the curls, then there’s another common theme going on here.

Don, like Louise, is in celebratory mode – he hasn’t ‘lost’ his ‘job’, he ‘just’ doesn’t ‘want to go there anymore’ and, even better than that, and better for us comedy-loving punters, he’s not going there anymore!

What is it with day jobs these days? Their loss; our gain! Looks like we’re going to see a lot more of Louise and Don on the comedy circuit!

But next up’s, Luke Anthony!


Here we go … Another talented comedian with day-job issues.

Seems Luke’s been having issues with attempts to claim Universal Credit, in spite of telling Social Security that he has a disability – six fingers and webbed feet, courtesy of his roots in Ely (sorry, Ely – his words, not mine), and a reality deficiency!

The reality deficiency is spot on! Doesn’t Luke know you have to be unable to move, either on wheels, surfboard, boat, in another’s arms, or even on one’s own feet to qualify for Disability Benefit these days? If you can get from A to B, by whatever means, even by broomstick – you’re doomed!

Sorry, Luke – looks like you’ll have to stay put in The Brewery Tap. Our emcee, PJ’s a generous soul – he’ll treat you to a pint (and the water’s free!)!

So comforting, to know that my Jobseeker’s woes are shared; looks like us creative types are all in it together! So, let’s stuff the day jobs!  Jacob, Louise, Don and Luke – keep on telling the jokes, and I’ll keep on stealing them for my blog! Together, we’ll hit the big time …

Soon! (Okay, PJ, as world-renowned Talent Scout, feel free to hop on board.)

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, blogger extraordinaire, October 2019

For more rip-roaring laughter, be at The Brewery Tap , East Street, Sudbury, Suffolk, this evening (yes, it did take me a month to get around to writing this review, due to the rocketing demand for my skills and consequent hectic schedule – reality deficiency?! ), Thursday 6th November, 2019.

Free entry!

Comedy show starts at 8pm.

Highly-recommended (by me): mango cider.

Friendly barman called John, and two gorgeous border collies (need some punters to do the heckling!).

Donations in the pot for prostate cancer research always welcome (hefty wads of notes preferred!).


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