Savvy Book – Truth To Power

‘Truth to Power’, by Jess Phillips.

A  savvy little book (signed copies available from Waterstones) with a big, if somewhat difficult to stomach, message.

‘Hate the sin not the sinner.’ (p.47)

In other words, don’t waste your energy exacting revenge upon a single person, even if they did you a serious wrong. Look at the institutions in which that person, was enabled to rise into such a position of power and authority, that they believed themselves to be untouchable – or above the law!

Look at the power structures that enabled, that may still enable, that person, or that wrongdoer to thrive. With regards to poor-people management in the workplace, Jess Phillips advises to ‘never assume coincidence’. (p.43)

If you become aware of, either through being on the receiving end of it, or witnessing someone else be bullied, perhaps just for exercising their right to speak the truth, consider whether, if you opt for standing back and doing nothing, you will be able to live with the certainty that the same thing will happen again – to someone else. ‘Problematic systems’ have a tendency ‘to produce repetitive outcomes.'(p.43)

‘Silence,’ states Jess Phillips, ‘is the grease that keeps’ the ‘wheels’ of power ‘turning’. (p.13)

Jess goes on to question the law that allows silencing practices, or non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), to give the rich and powerful an opportunity to gag whistle-blowers.

In return for a payment, the victim has to sign documentation forbidding them from discussing the issue of concern with their friends, colleagues, and even, in some cases, with a counsellor or doctor. But if one cannot speak, one cannot heal and, even more importantly, one can’t prevent that same rich and powerful organisation or person, from continuing in their harmful practices against others.

Without giving away the author’s suggested ‘7 ways to call time on B. S.’, I, Jay Cool, will state that I am right behind her on calling time on the practice of NDAs, and in ‘speaking up about stuff that is wrong’, and that I hope to join Jess in ‘giving a shit enough to do something’, by sharing with my blog readers, her concluding sentences:

‘You have more power than you think; don’t give it away to people who don’t deserve it.

LET’S USE IT.’ (p.221)

Copyright of review owned by Jay Cool, November 2019

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Disclaimer: Should you choose to purchase ‘‘Truth to Power’, via one of my links to Waterstones online, I will receive a small commission at no extra-cost to yourself.


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