Silly Poem – Mind

  I never mind them. Not much. And I don’t mind not minding them. Not at all. Why then, do they mind me not minding them? That, I mind!   And is that wrong? No, not to my mind.   As the only mind, to me, that I mind minding, is my mind.   So,Continue reading “Silly Poem – Mind”


  The edges of me have holes in. Gaps in the fortifications, making it easier for you – to ping your view of me, into the spaces, thinking to make your mark, but I’ve played your table games before, in other places, with other players, and your view of me, pings back, at you –Continue reading “Edges”

8: Hello Me!

So much for giving up the day job. Spent the day, today, working. Not at my workplace, but at home; at home, for my workplace. For the workplace which I have given up; but which, in turn, has not given me up. The workplace that still expects me to do more work for it –Continue reading “8: Hello Me!”

Me: A Silly Poem

Me, me, me and more me. Munching through myself, I write more and more. Mumbling more and more about me. Meness. Am I just a mumble? A mere mumble? A mumble of meness? Mumble or not, I keep on munching, making mountains and mountains of the meness of myself.   Copyright owned by me, JayContinue reading “Me: A Silly Poem”


I loop myself round and round myself, travelling in and through the tunnels of meness, racing past all of the thoughts about what others think, in the certain knowledge, that it is my own thoughts of my meness that will, in the end, liberate me.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, April 2019   ImageContinue reading “Fruitloop”

Falling Through

‘Teddy’ image courtesy of Was anyone looking when I fell through my brain, fell out of the bottom and down my throat into my stomach? Did anyone help when I tried to climb back up and away from the swirling quagmire but fell back down? Will anyone know that I am still here standing,Continue reading “Falling Through”