A response to feedback offered by my one and only follower, Ricardo Scribblero, who politely questioned whether the generally introspective theme running through all of my written out(in)put, might be too much for some.   Let me introduce myself to you, ready for your inspection, ready to be gazed at by you – through yourContinue reading “Introspection”

Me: A Silly Poem

Me, me, me and more me. Munching through myself, I write more and more. Mumbling more and more about me. Meness. Am I just a mumble? A mere mumble? A mumble of meness? Mumble or not, I keep on munching, making mountains and mountains of the meness of myself.   Copyright owned by me, JayContinue reading “Me: A Silly Poem”

Me is More

  ‘Prairie Dog’ courtesy of If my lover loved me fully Wore my poems in her hair I would play for her a love song I know she wouldn’t care My flat notes would be tuneful The twanging strings so cool She’d look at me as in a dream N’er take me for aContinue reading “Me is More”