A response to feedback offered by my one and only follower, Ricardo Scribblero, who politely questioned whether the generally introspective theme running through all of my written out(in)put, might be too much for some.   Let me introduce myself to you, ready for your inspection, ready to be gazed at by you – through yourContinue reading “Introspection”


A response to the poem ‘On Clothes’, by Kahlil Gibran (as featured on poem-a-day). If the ‘wind longs to play with’ my ‘hair’, let it flatten rather than flick and fly with all that is split with it. And, if ‘the earth delights to feel’ my ‘bare feet’, let it pumice and pummel all ofContinue reading “Decrusted”

Augmentation: A Silly Poem Inspired by Mel B

Did I ever mention, I gave into temptation, undergoing augmentation, to expand myself some more?   Piers, he talks of a boob job, as he thinks about his own knob.   Ought I to really mention, that he’s minus any tension, and is in need of augmentation – to expand himself at all?   WrittenContinue reading “Augmentation: A Silly Poem Inspired by Mel B”