Storm Diary 12 – Celebrity

Tuesday 17th March 2020 Second day of Non-Sick Sprog’s home-schooling. That can wait. Today can be a late start. First, I must get to Aldi before all the shelves there are empty. Tesco has run out of tomatoes. And I need tomatoes. Tinned, boxed, tubed or free-fall – I need them! But, before I riskContinue reading “Storm Diary 12 – Celebrity”

Augmentation: A Silly Poem Inspired by Mel B

Did I ever mention, I gave into temptation, undergoing augmentation, to expand myself some more?   Piers, he talks of a boob job, as he thinks about his own knob.   Ought I to really mention, that he’s minus any tension, and is in need of augmentation – to expand himself at all?   WrittenContinue reading “Augmentation: A Silly Poem Inspired by Mel B”