Augmentation: A Silly Poem Inspired by Mel B

Did I ever mention, I gave into temptation, undergoing augmentation, to expand myself some more?   Piers, he talks of a boob job, as he thinks about his own knob.   Ought I to really mention, that he’s minus any tension, and is in need of augmentation – to expand himself at all?   WrittenContinue reading “Augmentation: A Silly Poem Inspired by Mel B”

Pumping it Up with Jason Ventris in Hollywood

Back. I’m back at the Tap; I know what I want, what I really, really want; but I’m not a Spice Girl and I’m not disappointed. I’m all psyched up, pint of mango cider in hand, and I’m really feeling it! (CHECK OUT THIS SPACE FOR COOL PIC OF JAY IN GINGER SPICE GEAR –Continue reading “Pumping it Up with Jason Ventris in Hollywood”